The New Year is an opportunity to reflect on the past and recognize the meaningful transitions and milestones that have resulted in our lives being what they are today.

Chocolate Bar 1898 (Canadian Invention)
Invented by Arthur Ganong in New Brunswick. Before setting out on a fishing trip he asked his company’s candy maker to make him long, moulded  pieces of chocolate mixed with nuts. He wrapped them up for the trip, and realized how convenient it was and began selling the world’s first five-cent chocolate bars.

Baseball Glove 1883 (Canadian invention)
Invented by Art Irwin after breaking two fingers in a baseball game. Before this fielders caught baseballs with their bare hands.

Canadian Automobile Inventions

Odometer 1854 invented by Samuel Mckeen (Nova Scotia) to measure mileage driven.
Electric Car Heater 1890 invented by Thomas Ahearn
Partial Cloverleaf Interchange Created in Toronto by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Alkaline Battery 1957 (Canadian Invention)
Invented by engineer Lewis Urry. Brought portable power to the masses, making batteries a consumer staple used around the world.

Electric Kettle 1940 (Canadian Invention)
Unknown engineer at Canadian Motor Lamp Company saw a Buick headlight and thought turned upside-down it would hold an electrical coil.

Frozen Food 1912 (Canadian Invention)
Thanks to Canadian Inuit, Clarence Birdseye, an engineer in Labrador, discovered the fish that the Inuit caught froze almost immediately when out of the water. The fish was just as delicious when thawed out months later. In 1928, he created the double belt freeze, the forerunner to modern freezing technology. In 1954, frozen meals became a household staple with the invention of the fish stick and the 98-cent TV dinner. ­­­­

As we look to the year ahead and wonder what ‘new things’ will change our lives, take time to remember the people who have given us what we have today.