Be sure to let us know what questions you got right and what questions made you say, 

“I Never Would Have Guessed That!”

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Well , M, you got me on the log scale ruler, Vicki too, but we both remember similar … rules with similar features, including an optional chalk duster that left a light line on the hem layout. Vicki said they didn’t work well. Cheers

Greg & Vicki

Thanks again Maureen A great Quiz and an outstanding job on your part. Managed to get a passing grade on this one. Hope you do some more later on.


Hi Maureen, well, I hung onto my score, mostly! I got them all right, but didn’t get the bonus points since I knew …. and …, but not play doh. That was a terrific series. I do hope you are planning to do another set at some point. Vey best wishes.


Got them all tonight


I’m getting worse! I’d say 1.5 for this round…… so much room for improvement. Thanks all who have contributed to “I never would have guessed that”


Thank you for the latest quiz. I did know about penicillin but for the other two questions I never would have guessed that!

Hi Maureen, Thank you for putting these wonder little videos together. They are fun and reinforce just how old I am when I know what the items are! I strongly believe in organizations supporting each other. We both win. Thanks again.


Didn’t do so well on this one, Maureen, but enjoyed it anyway. Tell me, you have a piece of music playing during these quizzes: can you tell me what it is? In the meantime, I hope you are both well. Thanks.


M, got 3 for 3 on the first quiz! Trust me!! Will try a few more later, big CONGRATULATIONS for putting this together, love the hat!! Cheers


Didn’t do so well on this one, Maureen, but enjoyed it anyway.

Only got the carpet beater today.


We are enjoying the quizzes although our success level has not been very high. They have been providing a delightful variation to our otherwise very repetitive days! Thank you and we look forward to being able to travel to the Island and including a Museum visit.


Thanks Maureen, I got the … correct. I didn’t know what it was for, but knew it didn’t involve …, as my mother was one. I got all the three mistakes right, but only knew about the details behind the … one. The … because my kids had one, and the … similarly from kids, and from chemistry lessons, but again not the details of how they were mistakenly invented. I guessed Canada, as I knew it wasn’t invented in Hawaii, part of the US, and not Italy, so … something other than insulin! Matter of elimination. Thanks for helping us through this pandemic.

John and Jean

Congratulations to you, and everyone who worked on this project! You did a wonderful job of making history interesting, as well as good fun. Very well done!

Hi Maureen, I’m the dummy. I got #1 right (only). Better than last time though – when I got zero right.


Episode 7 – I got all three answers correct! Lucky guessing, I guess! Very interesting, especially the toothbrush!


1 We said fiction and the right answer was fact 2 We said paper clip and the right answer was ice cream cone. 3 we got the answer tooth rush … We enjoyed the questions and surprising answers. Well done for making this quiz so interesting.

Heather / Peter

You tricked me twice and my husband once. We were both tricked by the ice cream cone answer. We enjoy these quizzes. Keep them coming.


Another fun quiz Maureen, please keep them coming, don’t stop.


My history is getting worse. Maybe because I’m getting more history behind me than I wish to have! Well done Maureen and company. I look forward to the weekly challenge


Hello Maureen, This is great fun as well as educational; we are trivia buffs so this is right up our alley. Thank you for all that you do to help us further appreciate this lovely part of God’s green earth.


I got one and two correct. I donjon these Maureen and forward them to the Elder college group and other friends


I didn’t do well at all, but I did enjoy the explanations. I especially liked the use of the …. and the …… Thanks.


Sorry to disappoint, but I got all three questions correct! These quizzes are great fun Maureen, do keep them coming. Best wishes.


I got the fact that boys and girls wore dresses, at least until about 5 years old, and were out of diapers, but did not recognize the agitator. Jean didn’t think boys wore dresses, but had obviously not looked at photos of her family i.e her dad as a little boy.


Thanks Maureen. Got all 3 this time. Love these. Thanks for doing this. You should audition for Jeopardy host(ess)!


Once again a delightful way to escape for a few minutes into a former time. You got me with greeting cards though. Keep up the great work!


I got the questions wrong. But I learned a lot and found the questions interesting..


I needed to binge watch to catch up after a friend sent me the link, love your clothes. All very cleverly done, thanks for all the work


A fun time with that round, #2and 3 beat me!


Again. So much fun. We got the French fry slicer and the coke right. And half the chocolate chip/ potato chips answer.


1 and a half out of three.


I didn’t do that well so I found your historical information very interesting. Love your wardrobe 😊


Once again a delightful way to escape for a few minutes into a former time. You got me with greeting cards though. Keep up the great work!


Love your quizzes! Great fun and I did get them all correct on #3 and #4 and – your hats are fabulous.


Even though you did your best to mislead on # 1, I got all 3 right! Love it. Good job, Maureen!


Got all three right.


Got them all, thanks


Thanks Maureen, for the great quiz, what a great response, it’ll be in the church bulletin this week.


Thanks Maureen. This is incredible.


Well done Maureen. You guys are on fire!!

Whiterock Museum

Loving the outfits Maureen! 1 outta 3 again…Loving the made up stories about some of the items uses….


I remember my mom collecting sock stretchers made of wood and glove stretchers made of iron in the shape of a hand. So, I did not think the glove stretcher you showed was the real deal. Live and learn.


Thanks Maureen. This is incredible.


I got them all right, but I thought the glove stretcher was also used to put on stockings or socks.


We played episodes 1-4 as a group. Our residents most enjoyed seeing and learning about the historical artifacts and would love to see more questions like that if possible. We will now wait until we have another 4 or 5 episodes to play all at once for a 30-minute program.


“I have been saving the quiz to use in our almost at spring break time, so we watched the first one this morning. They were so into it and they immediately wanted the next one. I am saving it until tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know that it engaged even this group! That was fun! was heard from a few of them. 😀”

Comment from a local teacher:

NONE RIGHT THIS TIME…gosh i dont know much… Charlotte – Very interesting Maureen. I got them all wrong. Shucks


This is fun! Thanks! Today I got 2 out of 3. The … surprised me!


Would of got them all right had i not changed my mind on question 3? Love this, good job!


So much fun. I got them all right …. maybe should buy a lottery ticket as it was pure luck!


Loved that. I was wrong about them all and I knew the answers!! Well done video trivia!!


Hi Maureen: You probably don’t remember me, but I’m ……. I love your little game of Millbay Malahat History. I got all 3 questions wrong, but it was fun anyway. I sure miss living out there. Well take care and be safe. Mary.


I only got the Popsicle answer correct. I truly wouldn’t have guessed the other 2, specially the cheer leading answer! Good job, Maureen, you are a natural in front of the camera!


That was fun! What a great idea.


Got them all!!!



What fun Maureen! We both got two out of three. I got fooled by the curling irons, and Jim on the cheerleaders. I will send it on.
Nancy and Jim

Nancy and Jim

II enjoyed answering the questions. Looking forward to more !


I got the Popsicle and cheerleader answers right. ” I never would have guessed” the first one. I always wondered how ladies achieved those tight curls. Thank you Maureen, that was fun!


Well done and fun, though I’ll have to up my game on the next round. Popsicles saved me from total failure!



That was fun and interesting two out of three right.


Got question 1 and 2 correct and the question 3 is such a challenge! Have a good fun! Thanks!


I had one correct answer out of he three.


I didn’t get any of them right!


Thank YOU Maureen. Happy New Year and all the best for 2021. This quiz is amazing! I only got one correct! So FUN and informative. You’re a natural. Thank you again. I look forward to more. X X

Oh cool. Looking forward to episode 2 😊. I could ask our Principal and see what he thinks. I will let you know this week.

Hi Maureen I guessed one right. “The popsicle!”


👍🏻Bet you had fun doing that! And I got all 3 right!🤗


I think so! The first one is also good since it’s more local and I was trapped …


I see. As long as they have fun I believe the audience will love to join. Thanks!


This is great!!


Maureen thanks for the video- I only got popsicle right! BTW you look and sound great – nice that you’re keeping up with technology and “ work”.


That was fun! I actually answered them all correctly! I was second guessing myself on the last one, but stuck with my answer. Thank you for sharing.


I have to admit that I didn’t know the first one was curling irons, but I KNEW it wasn’t something to cook meat…

Got the first one wrong


So great!! I only got 1 right 🙄 Going to have to study up for the next quiz.

This is great!!


Very interesting & lots of fun. Love the hat!! Thanks for sharing your new venture!

Hi Maureen, I have been sharing the link! I don’t think you could improve on that! It is excellent!

Wow, blew us away!!! Guessed correctly Popsicle question. How on earth did you put this together? What a great website. We just are able to put together emails and Google topics on the computer. Take a bow, Maureen!!! 😍😍👍🌈

Peter and Heather

Fun idea. Loved it, would have got all three right but I changed my mind from ‘cheerleading’ to ‘skating’. I will stick with my intuition next time. Thank you Janet for sending it. Look forward to the next trivia.


What a fun quiz! Looking forward to further similar quizzes. Maureen, you’re a “natural” on tv and Nick, your technological skills at putting it all together are much appreciated – and great! Btw, I got them all correct but have a suspicion that these are the ‘easy’ ones and that future ones will have me saying “I never would have guessed that!” Thank you Mill Bay/Malahat Historical Society.


Great idea. Very well presented. You look lovely in that era costume Maureen.
It was very interesting and fun.
I will definitely pass it forward.
Thanks for sharing.


Awesome Web Site


Thanks, Maureen. I only got the popsicle question right. I loved Freddie’s Fryer and was completely stumped by the cheerleader question.


1. I never would have guessed that
2. Yeah! just by deduction
3.Yeah! I never knew men were cheerleaders, so the women won out.

What a lot of fun! I thought when you introduced it, that it applied to Mill Bay only.
The world is full of surprises.
Stay safe! Jerry


We’re sure that the sausage cooker was indeed just that! In fact Jim thinks he might like to try a similar gadget to do just that.
We got the next two questions correct. The popsicle one I remembered from reading it somewhere at the MBHS and we knew that women participated in skating and tennis from early days!!! So we got 2/3!!
That was great and we’re looking forward to the next episode! Thanks so much !

The Roses

I’m still  batting .333, which is fine for a baseball batter but poor for a history buff or a random guesser.


I got them all perfect! I even guessed that #1 was a curling iron (although I didn’t know that other facts about it). Fun trivia game. I look forward to the next quiz. Thank you for doing this.


This was fun! I got all three and my sister got two out of the three.


I got the first 2 wrong and aced #3. yahoo.


I never would have guessed ‘Popcorn’, so, this week I am down one.


I got them all correct.   Shocking.   Sending it off to friends now.


That was fun! Did better on the multiple choice than on the fact or fiction ones. I will spread this around.


Got them all this time, thanks


Got the first 2 wrong in the second quiz, but got the 3rd one correct.


Okay, first of all, kudos for the production and your narration and that amazing killer hat! This was so fun and charming. And second… I was very excited that I got all 3 correct! Maureen, that was great!


So. I got the fire in the pocket wrong…. the cotton wool threw me, but it actually makes sense, in a smouldering coals kind of way. I was thinking my way through but, ran out of time. 😅 I knew about popcorn, as we learned it studying Aztecs in elementary school. 🍿 And the colour question. I completely misunderstood it.😶 The wording said colour, not dye, so I was thinking art, not chemical composition. 😳 So. Result: FAIL I hope to do better next round. 📚📚📚📚📚


R. says they are great- but she would love more questions!



Got the first 2 right…would have never guessed cheer leading …interesting.



Got question 1 right, not 2 or 3, so much fun and learnt something new!!!



Another wonderful installment! And I’m still 100%, but more due to lucky guesses than knowledge. It looked like the charcoal pieces were sitting on non flammable insulation, so I guessed fact, the popcorn one was pretty easy, but Mauve was a complete lucky guess (my reasoning was that it sounds like it may have been named after whoever invented it, so I lucked out. 🤣 I really do think you do such a lovely job with these!

I loved your hat and the quizzes.I got 5 out of six with Fredy’s fryer crosses me up. Well told story Seemed plausible Maureen. Well done. Thank you.


All wrong !!!! Thought Nero Claudius Caesar and Ice cream! 


You got me with the bean slicer, but I’m claiming points for the multiple choice questions, including bonus points for the last one.


That was fun! I look forward to more episodes!


I got them all right and a bonus. Even the bean slicer, as being English I love runner beans as opposed to the bush beans in Canada. !

My mother used to say she knew she was getting old when she started seeing things in museums that she either still had and used, or remembered what they were. I’m starting to feel the same way.

Look forward to the next quiz.


Ahhh! .. got all three this time. Great fun yes, more questions please. I’m thinking of suggestions Maureen …


Aha, I did much better on this one – got them all right including the bonus points, but I would like to know where you got my mother’s green bean slicer!

P.S.  Great hat, please keep these quizzes coming, they are great fun.  All the best.



I got all there correct, but not the boys!!




I am thoroughly enjoying your quiz.




These are amazing! Thank you Maureen. My scores have been low but the info is incredible! LOVE THIS! You’re very poised!




We loved that! Please send more! We got 2 correct….so proud of ourselves!
Thank you so much for keeping us entertained during this time!



Jim & Janice

This is a super project. I would never have guessed how little I know? Actually I do. Love playing the game.




Woo-hoo! 100% plus bonus!!! I admit it was a toss up for the first multiple choice, though….




What fun Maureen! Love your outfit too. Just completed #1 and got it right!!




My grandma had curling tongs she put in the gas stove to curl her hair. I guessed at the others!🤣




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