“How the MBMHS History Trivia Quiz called ‘I Never Would Have Guessed That’ was born:

Many people feel history is in the past and has no connection to their lives today. Not true; ‘The past creates the present and the lifestyle we live today’.
Unless you have personally invented every item and service you use every day, your life has been
influenced by history.

Partnering with Nick Versteeg( DV Productions) a well known local filmmaker and Joerg Rosenthal, a web designer, the MBMHS filmed 8 episodes based on the origin of common items from our past.
Each episode has 3 questions beginning with a Fact or Fiction question. Using an artifact from the MBMHS collection we show you the item and tell you a little bit about it. Then you have 10 seconds to decide whether what I am telling you is Fact or Fiction.

I then tell you, if the story was fiction, what the object actually is, which in some cases is quite surprising! The next two questions are multiple choice each with ten seconds to choose the correct answer.